The Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC) is the one time each year when hundreds of public media professionals join together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of our unique industry, not to mention the particulars that further set us apart (small stations, joint licensees, rural stations, border stations). Connections made at the conference last throughout the year, and are often called upon when colleagues need help to be better at what we do.

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC)
July 6-7, 2017
Hilton San Francisco, Union Square

The event is chock-full of innovation and results-driven learning in revenue generation, marketing, and leadership across all of public media’s platforms. More than 1,250 public media professionals attended PMDMC 2016 in Boston.

Why Attend the PMDMC?

We asked PMDMC attendees why the conference is so essential. See what they told us and how they make the case to attend. 

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